Little Girl Is So Scared After Realizing Something’s Wrong With His Dad

This father and daughter is playing peekaboo together. They enjoyed themselves playing together, this girl loved his dad especially those trademarks of his, long thick beard.

She doesn’t get tired of surprising herself with his father’s face and those thick black beards, but she didn’t expect what her father’s surprise for her when he left for a moment.

“Ready for a peekaboo?” her father said. Eagerly, her daughter couldn’t wait to see what’s behind the towel. However, the expression couldn’t be explained on her face when she realized something’s wrong? Who’s this guy behind the towel?

Soon after the kid couldn’t fathom the horror that she witnessed, her father’s voice in a different face? What could have happened. But of course, that’s her father without the beard but she couldn’t recognize him without of those.

Her mother cradled her, still bewildered and confused to where her daddy is. Don’t worry kid, you’ll get used to your new daddy.

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