Give this bird a OSCAR

When we say bird brain, most of us attribute it to stupidity due to the fact that birds are traditionally considered inferior in par with human intelligence. It is a derogatory word that is widely used in some cultures. However, the question is, are birds really stupid?

In a video uploaded in March 2016, a guy is playing with his pet bird.

The bird would not stop pretending to be dead unless his owner puts it “back to life.”

If a bird really is stupid then how come it learned something that is quite complicated? In a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences early edition on the week of June 13. Results shows that Birds have primate-like numbers of neurons in the forebrain, which means that they have cognitive skills that are previously considered exclusive domain of primates.

Even though they have small brains, birds sure are an amazing creature in the world.


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