How to Use Acupressure Points to Relieve Gas, Bloating, and Indigestion

Acupressure is one of the most commonly employed alternative medicine techniques which make use of both, pressure and acupuncture. This technique exerts pressure on the acupuncture points.

Lots of people are of the opinion that this therapy speeds up your digestive process, helping the stomach to empty faster which helps you prevent gas problems. Let us find out how acupressure points for gas work.

Use These Acupressure Points for Gas, Bloating, and Indigestion

Here are some of the main acupressure points for gas that you can find on your body to try and soothe bloating and other stomach discomforts.

1. Acupressure Points for the Stomach

acupressure points

Where They Are: Stomach points are positioned on your body’s middle lines. The first point is situated right above your navel (Center of Energy) while the other is located about 2 centimeters below it (Sea of Energy).

How It Helps: To relieve gas problems, you need to apply pressure on the acupressure points for gas on your stomach. This reduces abdominal contraction, constipation, stomach pains, frustration, lower back pain, emotional stress and heartburn. For effective results, you should practice putting pressure to these points regularly.

2. Acupressure Points for the Lower Backacupressure points

Where They Are: The lower back acupressure points for gas are located on the lower side of your body on the waist level. They are also referred to as the Sea of Vitality. There are 4 lower back points for gas and they are located around your waistline.

How It Helps: By applying pressure on the lower back acupressure points for gas, you can get relief from indigestion, abdominal and stomach pains. If you have a weak back, do not exercise these pressure points as it can aggravate your back pain.

3. Acupressure Points for the Hand

acupressure points

Where They Are: The acupressure points for gas on your hand are located on the inside of your wrist, also known as Inner Gate Point.

How It Helps: Applying gentle and mild pressure on the hand acupressure points for gas helps eliminate stomach aches, nausea and also improves the digestive process.

4. Acupressure Points for the Legs

acupressure points

Where They Are: The acupressure point for gas known as the Stomach 36 is also known as Zu San Li, which can be translated to ‘leg three miles’. The name basically refers to how these points can recharge your energy and enable people to walk for three miles easily even when they are exhausted.

To find this point, bend the leg slightly and put 4 fingers below your kneecap. Start with your index finger at the base of your kneecap and rest of the other fingers directly below it. The point you want is where your little finger rests on the outer side of your shin bone. Try finding a soft spot there.

How It Helps: By applying pressure on this point, you can enhance your overall energy, boost your immune system, relieve digestive disorders such as nausea, vomiting, bloating, gas, constipation, and diarrhea and improve weak digestion.

5. Acupressure Points for the Feet

acupressure points

Where They Are: Two really important shiatsu acupressure points for gas are located on your feet. By crossing your ankle right over the knee, you can find these points with your thumb. One is positioned on the top of the arch and about one finger’s width away from your foot’s ball. The second point is situated where the bones of your second and big toe meet on the top of your foot.

How It Helps: Applying pressure on the first point for about one minute calms your stomach, stimulates circulation and reduces gas. Applying pressure on the second point for one minute helps in reducing bloating and gas.

6. Three Yin Crossing

Where They Are: This acupressure point is situated about 3 finger widths right above the bone of your inner ankle.

How It Helps: By applying pressure on this point, you improve the healing of all conditions pertinent to your lower abdomen, including flatulence, abdominal distention, and colitis.

You can find out three more acupressure points for gas and stomach issues by watching this video:


Tip on How to Apply Acupressure for Gas

Here are some tips that can help you practice acupressure for relieving gas easily:

  • Start by applying light pressure on all the acupressure points for gas.
  • Make sure to apply four levels of pressure and press deeper every time.
  • When you reach the deepest point, massage the region in circular motions.
  • Using essential oils with acupressure can improve its effects. The oil can be massaged right on the acupressure points for gas, or it can be applied after the acupressure therapy has been exercised.
  • Relax yourself in a calm and comfortable position, take deep breaths and keep your eyes closed when massaging the acupressure points for gas.
  • Repeat the therapy as often as it comforts you because there isn’t any limit on its frequency.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable massaging the acupressure points for gas yourself, you can ask for someone else’s help.


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