Why you should never cross your legs!!!

Crossing your at the knee is a very common pose people adopt when sitting down; many of us do it automatically. This position is elegant and sexy, and often associated with being ’’feminine’’ and ’’ladylike.’’ We’ve gotten used to crossing our legs without thinking, but not too many of us know that it can have some serious consequences for our health and bodies. Bright Side […]

This is what the ideal woman’s body should look like!!!

Let me introduce Kelly Brook — a model, an actress, and…an owner of a perfect body! Yes, you heard right. According to a study conducted at the University of Texas, this young woman has the perfect body. The study took into account such characteristics as height, weight, hair length, and face shape. It turned out that the body which makes most women say, ’I’d like to lose a few […]

Why You Should Check Your Baby’s Feet if They’re Crying for No Apparent Reason!!!

Many parents get really scared when they cannot understand the reason for their baby’s cry. They’re well fed and healthy, but somehow they cannot calm down. Now we would like to tell you one of the reasons which represents a true danger. Unfortunately, most parents have no idea about it. Hard to believe, but it’s a common hair caught in a child’s sock. It can twist […]


ARE YOU EXPERIENCING PAIN IN YOUR LOWER BACK AND BUTTOCKS? Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is quite common nowadays. Especially women experience this kind of sciatic pain during and after pregnancy. But also people who have jobs that require them to sit a lot can get this condition. Many times, doctors will inject Cortisol into the joint […]